Annual Giving Campaign

Culture of Caring and Gratitude -  דאגה לזולת (חסד), צדקה והכרת הטוב
(Our Tax ID or EIN for your tax exemption filings is: 20-8512281 Alef Bet Montessori School Inc., Fed Tax ID )

At Alef Bet Montessori School, we believe there is a difference between self-indulgence and the fullness of self. We use Montessori’s design to provide constant and meaningful opportunities for real work and meaningful ways to contribute to others. The Jewish sages referred to it as Tzedakah צדקה, Chesed חסד and Mitzvah מצוה - all three are actions identifying righteous behavior.

Giving charity to those in need is among the most important form of righteous behavior. The Tzedakah box and the tradition of giving Tzedakah are a basic part of Jewish life. 

Spontaneous acts of kindness חסד and generosity occur when we reach for something beyond ourselves. It is a novelty to be able to do good for others - giving without expecting remuneration.

Parents of children at the school volunteer their expertise, share their wisdom and help the school achieve its goals and mission. What makes this special is that this is done without expecting a quid pro quo. These kinds of actions show that parents are grateful for the good that the school is doing. It is a form of gratitude הכרת הטוב (Hakarat Hatov) to those who nurture and educate their children.

The school's budget is structured as follows: Tuition covers payroll and operational costs such as rent; The Gala Fundraiser is designated to our Scholarship Fund (Financial Aid) and Professional Training; and Money donated through our Annual Giving directly impacts the teachers' budgets  - enabling them to purchase items for their classrooms. Your Annual Giving makes a difference - these generous gifts cover the equipment and other special needs for the classrooms.

The Annual Giving is a testament to the parents' commitment to the school. We aim for 100% PARTICIPATION. We do not aim for a financial or dollar amount as a goal. Any donation is welcome and your participation at any level is what counts.

Our children begin to take on habits of self-knowledge from the very earliest years. Over time, these habits deepen and become more consciously accessible. Our children look to their parents as role models - what do they see? The see us as role models. By giving, we teach them the importance of giving.

Giving can be done in various forms - action or monetary. Joining the PTO, volunteering at our events, sharing your expertise (as a writer, fundraiser, technology expert, etc.) and other actions can help the school. The Annual Giving Campaign is a yearly appeal for gifts to support current operations. Annual gifts fill the gap left after tuition revenue, operating costs and our scholarship fund. We are dedicated to moderate tuition and providing quality Montessori education. Numerous Montessori schools in our area charge $2,000 to $6,000 more than Alef Bet and also request a “New Family Fee” of $2,500. Our charter is to reach as many families as possible who want a Jewish Montessori education, so there is no “New Family Fee,” as well as far lower tuition.

Montessori families, alumni and friends are invited to participate in this component of our school's financial health at whatever level possible. The campaign runs annually from December through the close of our fiscal year on June 30th.