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Toddler & Primary Bulletin.

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This week we have been talking all about trees! We talked about how the grow and what the trees need. We looked at different pictures of trees and what might grow on them. We sang lots of songs about trees. We are making lots of crafts involving trees.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
We have been preparing for TuB'Shevat. we have been talking about trees and how the grow. We explored the snow, the children loved it.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
The toddlers have been have lots of language lessons and working hard! They want to have more and more conversations about everything. We are also trying to explore new foods, mostly vegetables. We are continuing to work on our fine motor skills everyday.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
Snow! Snow! Snow! The toddlers were all about the snow this week. Many days we couldn't go out so we brought the snow in and used our mitten to work with the snow. We also talked about what we need to wear when it is cold outside. The children are excited to be back and we are ready to get back into the swing of things:)
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
The toddlers have been preparing for Hanukah by singing songs, reading books, decorating our classrooms. They are very excited. We have been exploring different kinds of light.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
11/ 21/14
The toddlers were very busy and working hard this week. The children have been building great friendship in our classes. They lend a happy hand to everyone in the classroom. The older children are always willing to help the younger children. We have been working on putting on our warm coats, hats, and gloves. Thank you for sending them to school.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
The toddlers had a great week. We are working very hard on a work cycle. The children will choice a material, working with the material, then place it back on the shelf. We have been singing many songs in our classrooms in English and Hebrew. We explored a pumpkin and always have a great making fresh challah for our Shabbat party. 
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
The had wonderful week. We enjoyed the windy weather! We cut up and baked the squash. Yum! The children really look forward to baking the challah for Shabbat each week. We had an explosion of words from our toddler. We have been giving a lot of the language lessons and encouraging them to use their words.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
The children were very interested in baking this week. We made muffins one day and we also made challah. The toddler classes explored and use many words to describe corn on the cob, squash, and a pumpkin this week.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea  
Toddler Classes:
This week the toddler classes have been experiencing fall. We have been talking about what happened in fall. We have learned about how it is getting cooler. We have explored the different types and colors of leaves. We have raked and played in the leaves outside. We have also been reading and talking about Noach's Ark. 
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea  
Toddler Classes:
We have been very busy. We have been reading books and singing songs in preparation for Rosh Hashanah. The children have enjoyed the beautiful weather this week and explore the grounds of our school.  Children have been very focused with many materials from cutting a cucumber to putting materials inside each other to sweeping. The children are starting to working together and enjoy each other presents.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea  
Toddler Classes:
This week we had our first full week. The child are getting very comfortable with their classrooms and the routine. They are choosing work and talking it to the table. They are learning to take care of their environment and help one another. Everyone is helping by making snack in the morning and cleaning up after themselves. We couldn't be happier with friendships that are being built and each smiling face.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 
Toddler Classes:
This week has been wonderful! We have introduced our new toddlers to the classroom, materials, and returning toddlers. This has been a transitions week. The children have adapted gracefully. The children are exploring with there hands all of the materials. A favorite this week has been the sand table and sweeping. The children have been getting use to the routine and other new friends. We look forward to building our litte toddler family.
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea  
Toddler Classes:
We welcomed the returning toddlers to our classroom with open arms. They were happy to see their old friends and look forward to meeting their new ones! It was such a joy to see how they have grown over the summer. The children came in and went right to work. The explored the classroom and all the new materials. They were very attracted to the practical life area. They loved making their own snack. We also enjoyed singing songs. The weather has been wonderful we have explored every inch of the play ground of our school. 
Morah Kate, Morah Hila, Morah Ester, and Morah Andrea 

Primary Classes

We are doing well with our weather ups and downs. The children are thriving. We just ask if anyone is sick to keep them home. Our little class is like a family and we don't want to share everyone's germs. Operate on the side of caution if you are not sure. Everyone will thank you especially the kids. A boring reminder that if the temperature is right we will go outside so the children need boots and gloves and hats.

Thanks so much for your understanding.


We ended Parshas Bo with the death of the firstborn. The children learned about the Jewish people put blood on the doorposts of their houses and the makka passed over them. This weeks parsha, Parshas Beshalach, starts with Pharoah changing his mind and deciding to go after the Jewish people. The Jewish people were traveling and saw Pharoah and his army catching up to them. They were panicked and then they came up to the Yam Suf. In front of them was the sea and behind them was the army. What should they do? Moshe told them to cry out to Hashem for help. Then Nachshon decided to walk into the sea all the way up to his neck! The sea parted and there were walls of water on opposite sides and a dry path in the middle. The Jewish people rushed into it and began to cross. When they almost reached the other side they saw that Pharoah and his army were following. As soon as the last Jew stepped onto the shore, the walls of water crashed down and drowned the Mitzrim. The Jewish people sang a song to thank Hashem. The Jewish people traveled into the desert While they were in the desert Hashem sent them food from heaven called mann. The mann tasted like anything you wanted it to taste like. You could not collect the mann on Shabbat so Hashem sent a double portion on Friday. What would you like to have the mann taste like?

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Efrat


We are enjoying doing some family trees which are our artist's renditions of their family members. We are looking forward to TuB'Shevat!


This is a very exciting time for the children in the Parsha. Last week we learned the first 7 makkot in great detail. The children couldn't understand why Pharoah was so stubborn ( and silly) that he would not let the Jewish people go after all these terrible Makkot!  We talked about the fact that even the advisors to Pharoah were telling him to let them go!  In  Parshas Bo we learn the last three Makkot.  The first is grasshoppers where they ate and ate and ate all the remaining food of the Mitzrim. The ninth makkot was darkness. This was a darkness unlike any other. The Mitzrim were frozen in place because the darkness was so thick. Meanwhile the Jewish people created their own light and were instructed by Moshe to find where the Mitzrim hid all their treasures.  Then Hashem told them to take a sheep and tie it to the bed for 4 days. He asked this because the Mitzrim worshipped the sheep like an idol.  After 4 days they killed the sheep and smeared the blood on the doorposts of the Jewish peoples' houses. This led into the last makka of the death of the firstborn where Pesach or Passover comes from. Finally Pharoah relents after his own son dies and the Jewish people leave Mitzrayim.  Yay!

 Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Efra


We have been working very hard on all our letters and numbers and washing and polishing. Rimon is a bee hive of Montessori activity 


This week we all studied parts of a bird. Next week will talk about seeds. Please send to school any seeds you find, fruits or flowers. Please put them in a ziplock bag with the name of the seed. Thank you for sending your child to school with mitzvah note and tzedakah every week.


Last week we rushed through all of the parshiot which we m



We have been working very hard on all our letters and numbers and washing and polishing. Rimon is a bee hive of Montessori activity 


This week we all studied parts of a bird. Next week will talk about seeds. Please send to school any seeds you find, fruits or flowers. Please put them in a ziplock bag with the name of the seed. Thank you for sending your child to school with mitzvah note and tzedakah every week.


Last week we rushed through all of the parshiot which we missed due to Chanukah and vacation. This week we are reviewing the material and moving forward to Parsha Va'aira.  In this parsha we find Moshe Rabbeinu back in Mitzrayim. The Jewish people are enslaved and Pharoah will not release them.  Moshe and Aron his brother tell Pharoah to tell the Jewish nation go but he refuses.  Moshe warns him that Hashem will send the Makkot. The first one is dam, blood.  Aron puts his staff in the water and it turns to blood. Why does Aaron do this and not Moshe? Aaron does this because Moshe has hakarot hatov (gratitude) to the water for saving him when he was a baby. Pharoah does not let the Jewish people go and Hashem then sends frogs, lice, wild animals, kills the animals of the Mitzrim, boils, hail in the form of fire and ice, Each time Pharoah says he will let the Jewish people go but then he changes his mind and continues to enslave them.

Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Efrat


We have had a very unusual week with all the weather events.  The kids are getting settled in and used to being back at school.  We had a good romp in the snow today. It was cold outside but the snow was very powdery and for the most part everyone had on proper clothes. They had so much fun running around in the snow. The kindergarteners wrote about the winter and drew some pictures and our four year olds made beautiful cut out snowflakes.
Have a great Shabbat
Morah Sorah Rivkah
Morah Efrat


We are really trying to catch up on all the parshiot that we missed due to Chanukah and also vacation. It is very important for the children to understand the timeline of what happens in Breishit.  This is foundational information for them so we are working hard with the time we have to get to the current parsha.  We ended last time with speaking about Yosef and the dreams of Pharoah. Pharoah had 2 dreams about the cows and the wheat. The seven skinny cows ate the seven fat cows and the seven tried up wheat ate the seven healthy wheat stalks.  Yosef told Pharoah that there would be seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine.  Pharoah made Yosef a very important person in Mitzrayim and Yosef stored away food for when the famine came.

When the famine reached Yaakov and the brothers Yaakov sent some of the brothers down to collect food. When they stood in front of Yosef they did not recognize him.  He asked how their father was/  Yosef told them Ani Yosef  I am Yosef and the brothers became very afraid that Yosef would stay angry with them because they sold him.  Yosef said he forgave them and knew now that Hashem sent  Yosef down to Mitzrayim to save Yaakov and his brothers.

Yaakov is very old so they were afraid that if they told him Yaakov was alive he would become ill from the shock. So they had Yaakov's granddaughter Serach sing to him to let him know that Yosef was alive/

This is the beginning of the Jews coming to Mitzrayim and the beginning of the enslavement of the Jewish people in Mitzrayim and the end of sefer Breishit.




This week we talked about animals that have bones. We talked about the human skeleton and some of it's parts. We enjoyed making Hanukkah decorations and singing Hanukkah songs.


We have been working hard doing our lessons and getting ready for Chanukah. Some of the children are painting menorahs which are hanging in the hallway. The children are playing outside when it is not raining so please please send them in with labeled outdoor clothing. Thanks so much!

Rimon and Dvash Judaics

In this weeks parsha, Parshas Vayeshev, Yaakov gives his son Yosef a beautiful coat. Yosef tells his brothers about a dream where all the wheat bundles are bowing down to his wheat bundle. Then he tells him that he has a dream that sun and moon and stars are all bowing down to him. His brothers are not happy and they sell Yosef into slavery because they are worried he wants to be the king over all of them. The merchants take Yosef to Mitzrayim and sell him to a man named Potifar. Potifar sees that all the things Yosef is involved with are successful so he trusts Yosef very much. Potifar's wife is a bad woman and she tells her husband bad things about Yosef and that Yosef wants her to be his wife. Potifar gets angry and throws Yosef into jail.

Pharoah has servant who makes all his wine. The servant gives Pharoah a cup of wine and it has a fly in it. Pharoah is so angry he throws the cupmaster into jail. Pharoah also has a baker and the baker serves him bread and inside the bread is a rock! Pharoah is so angry he throws the baker into jail. Both servants are in jail with Yosef. The cupmaster has a dream that there are 3 vines with ripened grapes on them. He takes the grapes and makes them into wine and serves it to Pharoah. Yosef tells him that the dream means that in three days time Pharoah will free the cupmaster and he will again serve the Pharoah. The baker dreams that he has three baskets on his head. Birds come and pick the bread out of the top basket. Yosef tells him that in three days time Pharoah will kill him and so it was as Yosef said.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Efrat



Rimon had a great week with lots of busy children and lots of cold weather!! Send in those coats and gloves please!!!


The cold weather has been a good opportunity for child to learn how to dress independently. Thank you sending warm hat in gloves because we are outside everyday.


This week is Parshas Toldot. Yitchak and Rivkah ask Hashem to send them a child and Hashem sends them twins. When Rivkah is carrying the twins it seems that when she walks by a shul one goes in one direction and when she walks by a marketplace the other goes in the other direction. She is told she will give birth to a tzaddik and a rasha, Yaakov and Esau.  Esau is born first and he is very red and hairy. He is not a nice person. Yaakov is born and looks like a sweet baby.  They grow up and Yitzchak wants to give the bracha to his oldest child Esau but Rivkah knows that he is a rasha. She tells Yaakov to cover his arm in goat's hair and bring food to Yitzchak who is blind and he will get the blessing. Yaakov does this and when Esau finds out that he lost the blessing he is enraged and wants to attack Yaakov. Rivkah tells him to run to Charan which he does.
Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Efrat



We had a great week in our class. We cut up a pumpkin and roasted the seeds and ate them. It was fun to see the pumpkin go from being whole to being cut and then finally having something yummy from it. We continue with our lessons and making good friends and learning how to interact with each other. The weather is getting colder so please keep sending in warm outdoor clothes and warm change of clothes since we do go out as much as we can.


This is Parsha Chaya Sarai. The goal of these parshiyot is to follow as much as the children can the timeline and history of the Jewish people. We learned about Avraham and Sarah and how they had a son named Yitzchak. When this son grew up Avraham saw that he needed a wife. He sent his servant Eliezer. We talked about what a servant is. Eliezer took 10 camels with him which were laden with presents and jewelry. We talked about what makes camels special and why they are used in hot climates. We also talked about how much water they drink so that they can go for long times not drinking. This brought us to how Eliezer was going to figure out who was the best wife for Yitzchak. Her decided that if he took the camels to the well and someone gave them as much water as they needed then that would be the sign that this was the right girl for Yitzchak. Eliezer came to the well and Rivka gave the camels as much as they needed to drink so Eliezer gave her jewelry and presents and asked her parents if he could bring her back to be Yitzchak's wife. She did and when she was on the camel she saw a very holy man in the distance and got off the camel to greet Yitzchak

We had a busy week in Rimon even with our election day break. The older children are moving ahead with their math and language and the younger children are exploring with some of our extra special Montessori materials like the sound cylinders and the knobless cylinders. We hope you are enjoying the pictures we are sending of your busy children!


This is Parshas Vayeira. Here we are talking more about the specialness of our father Avraham Avinu. We talked about how he loved to do the mitzvah of hachnassas orchim ( Having guests) . He had his brit as an adult instead of when he was a little baby. Hashem wanted him to rest so he made the day very hot so that Avraham didn't have to have guests. But instead Avraham was very sad because he didn't have guests so Hashem sent him3 people who were really melachim. Avraham served them food and drink and they told him that he was going to have a son. Sorah Imeinu heard them from the tent and she laughed because they were both so old to have children. They named their son Yitzchak which means laughter.

Have a wonderful Shabbat!

Morah Sorah Rivkah
Morah Efrat

We has such a fun week. The first part of the week was just beautiful. The four year olds and kindergartners went for a nature walk where we discussed the trees and collected a few bugs and some nuts. We spoke about the winter coming and the Fall being a time when the leaves fall from the trees. The younger children continue to learn and get more and more lessons. They also spent some time outside in the lovely weather. Everyone is doing well.

We have been preparing Tostitos scoops with salsa and cheese for snack. It has also been an exercise in counting, and spooning. They practice polite manners when asking for food to be passed to them. We talked about where cheese comes from and the children are now careful not to waste any cheese and are mindful about cheese that falls on the table or floor.
We have been listening to stories and then having discussions about the characters, and events in the stories. The children are encouraged to express themselves fully. Those who are writing are expressing themselves on paper.
We are also talking about the continent North America, it's animals and countries. We have looked at photographs and will later see flags and land forms.

Rimon and Dvash Judaics
This week we finished Parshas Noach and were introduced to Avrum. We talked about how Avrum went out into the world and saw its beauty and knew that there had to be a creator. His father Terach, however owned a shop which sold idols. We learned about what an idol is and how Avrum went back into his father's store and destroyed all the idols. We then spoke about how Hashem told Avrum to leave this place which worshipped idols and go to Eretz Yisrael. We imagined what it was like for Avrum to leave his home right away when Hashem told him to but that he listened right away to Hashem and he left. Hashem was so happy he said that Avrum's children would be as many as the stars in the sky. I asked them who were Avrum's children? All the Jewish people are Avrum's children. In our classes we made mobiles of the sun and moon and stars to remind us of Hashem's promise.
Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivkah
Morah Efrat
Rimon is back in gear with a full week of school. The children seem happy to be back and working hard. They are having fun reconnecting with friends and we are doing a lot of lessons. Remember to keep an eye on the weather and send them in with appropriate outdoor gear. Fall is here for sure!


This week we had to cover both Parshas Breishit and also Parshas Noach. We discussed the 7 days of creation and sang a song to remember what was created on what days. We also did a wonderful project on the 7 days of creation which the children really enjoyed. We talked about how Adam was created on the 6th day and that he was a special man. He named all the animals and creatures on earth. We also talked about how he saw that he did not have anyone like him and so Hashem put him into a deep sleep and created Chava. We have a wonderful piece of Montessori material that we use for this Parsha and the children love it. Then we talked about how Hashem rested on the 7th day which is Shabbat.

We then moved on to Parshas Noach. We talked about what the sins were of Noach's generation and that they were not nice to each other and stole from each other. Hashem told Noach to build a teyva (ark) because He was going to send a mabul (flood). The teyva had 3 levels.. The bottom was for garbage the middle was for the animals and the top was for Noach and his family. It took 120 years to build the teyva. It took that long because Hashem was hoping the people would do teshuvah. Noach had 3 sons;Shem, Cham and Yefes. There were 7 pairs of kosher animals on the teyva and 2 pairs of nonkosher animals. It rained for 40 days and nights. Noach sent out a dove 3 times to see if there was land. Then we spoke about the rainbow and how Hashem promised never to send another flood.

Have a great Shabbat
Morah Sorah Rivkah
Morah Efrat

Dear Parents of the Primary classes,
We have been doing lots of work on all of our wonderful Yomim Tovim (High Holidays: are the days from Rosh Hashana to the end of Sukot and Shmini Azeret).
We finished up with Rosh Hashana and we have started working on Yom Kippur. We have a scale with some marbles and we talk a lot about mitzvot and the good things which Hashem wants us to do. The children have very good ideas about helping Mommy and Daddy and sharing and being nice. They really know what is a mitzvah.
We also talk about the things we shouldn't do and that Hashem wants us to do more mitzvot than bad things. When the children see how the scale goes up and down they really understand that each thing that we do has an impact on us. 

They also heard the story of Yonah which is traditionally read on Yom Kippur. Yonah is a navi and we talked about what makes a navi special (Hashem speaks to him). Hashem told Yonah to tell the people of Ninevhe that they were not behaving properly. Yonah  did not want to tell them because he was afraid they wouldn't listen to him.  Yonah ran away. We spoke about how you can't run away from Hashem. He went on a big boat and there was a terrible storm.  The people on the boat were very frightened and Yonah told them that Hashem was angry at him so they should throw him overboard. They didn't really want to do this but they did because Yonah insisted.  The storm quieted and then Yonah was in the water. A big fish came and swallowed him and Yonah realized Hashem wanted him to do the right thing and go back to Nineveh and tell the people they had to do the right thing. This fish spit Yonah out onto the land and he went to Nineveh and the people behaved and said they were sorry. 

The children love to see this. We have a big silly fish and a doll for Yonah. They really understand the concept of sorry.

Please send in mitzvah notes or apple notes. You can say anything positive about something your child did. We want a very big mitzvah tree full of mitzvah notes.

Have a wonderful Shabbat and a meaningful Yom Kippur

Morah Sorah Rivkah & Efrat
Morah Farhana & Jordan
And Morah Racheli
Rimon Primary 9/19/14


The weather has been beautiful and we are using it to our great advantage. The children are outside under the trees happily digging in the dirt.  The other children are enjoying running around the playground in the beautiful weather.  Inside we are very busy learning more and more about the wonderful materials in our classroom. The scrubbing and washing and pink tower building and triangle making continue to flourish. We have many puzzle map experts. Our kindergartners are practicing math and writing. I can't believe we have only been back to school for such a short time!

Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Efrat


Dvash Primary 9/19/14

Our class prepared the yearly fundraising art project - a wooden growth chart with the children's handprints and decorations on it. They also had fun making Rosh Hashana cards, and hopefully we will make cup cakes next week. They have become familiar with our Friday Shabbat parties, and help with setting up. We talked about islands, and how one would travel to leave an island. We talked about the Channel Tunnel between England and France. Older children are doing wonderful work fetching beads to match decimal numbers.



It is so wonderful to have the time to really teach Rosh Hashana. Many years Rosh Hashana is right at the beginning of the school year and we can't really teach too much. This year the children are hearing many stories about Rosh Hashana. Sammy the Spider is very frustrated as usual about not being able to participate in the Jewish Holidays. Every morning Rabbi Moses comes into the children's classrooms and blows the shofar. That is such a big treat for all of them.  We ate a pomegranate in Rimon today and will have one next week in Dvash. We talked about how the pomegranate has seeds and that we want to do as many mitzvoth as seeds in the pomegranate. We are continuing to sing "Dip the  Apple in the Honey" and other Rosh Hashana songs. We talked about why challah is round and shaped like the world because it is the world's birthday. We also talked about how the Yomim Tovim go in a circular cycle which starts and ends with Rosh Hashana.  Rosh Hashana..Yom Kippur.. Sukkot..Chanukah..Purim..Pesach..Shavuot.. and back to Rosh Hashana again.


Have a great Shabbat!!

Rimon Primary 9/12/14

Rimon kids are doing great. We are the cleanest class in town with all the table washing and polishing and dishwashing. Real friendships are starting to blossom among our new students and our older students are enjoying knowing the ropes and explaining things to the younger children. The kids are learning and hearing lots of Hebrew with Morah Efrat. We are so happy to have her!

Have a wonderful Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Efrat


Rimon and Dvash have been learning more and more about Rosh Hashana every day. This week we read stories about how Rosh Hashana comes in the fall when school starts. We focused on how Rosh Hashana is the birthday of the world and we read a very nice story about Daniel who wanted to give a birthday party on Rosh Hashana to celebrated the world's birthday.  We continue to sing "Dip the Apples in the Honey " and we are adding a couple of more songs. Both classes have a set of Rosh Hashana materials which include round challah (which is round to symbolize the world), a Kiddush cup, candles, a honey jar and a challah cover and plate. The children love to make a Rosh Hashana table.


Have a great Shabbat

Dvash Primary 9/5/14

The children are doing a variety of activities now that they have made friends, and have had lessons on new things. We talked this week about things that are living and things that are non-living. We are enjoying the Shabbat party on Friday mornings, and the children are always excited about having pizza for lunch.

Morah Farhana and Morah Jordon

Rimon Primary 9/5/14

We are having a great time in Rimon! We have lots and lots of new friends and everyone is getting to know eachother. Every day we go around and say eachother's names so that we will know who our new friends are.  For our new friends please remember to bring in indoor shoes which are easy to put on. The children go in and out of their shoes all day so it is important for them to really do this independently. Some of the younger ones need very easy shoes like slippers or crocs. Ask your child if they are having any problems getting in and out of their shoes.  We are enjoying lots of practical life activities which include washing the tables and blackboards. Today we started squeezing  oranges. We are all enjoying our new year at school.

Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Efrat

Dvash Primary 5/30/14

A classmate brought us two tadpoles he caught in a stream. We watched them swim in the container for a few days. We gave them spinach leaves to eat. A week later the tadpoles grew back legs! Then they grew little front legs and their tails disappeared. We quickly put a large rock in the water so that the new froggies could sit on it. They were returned to the stream.

Over the weeks we also watched caterpillars get fat and grow. When they formed their chrysalides, we put them in a butterfly house. What a joy and surprise every time a new butterfly emerged! It was a special day when we released them outside and watched them stretch their new wings.

We were excited about grandparents and special friends day. The children made many flower arrangements to make the tables look special.


We spoke about the Parsha this week.  We spoke about the special bracha that the Cohanim give to the Jewish people, and how they still give that bracha in our synagogues, on special holidays. The Cohanim put their fingers in a special way, and then say the bracha. Our parents can also say this bracha Friday nights, to their own children. We also learned that the Heads of each of the tribes (shevatim) contributed wagons for carrying the parts of the mishkan, when the Jewish people travelled.
We also spoke about Yom Yerushalayim, which was Wednesday. We spoke about how special Jerusalem is, to the Jewish people. It is the location of the Beit Hamikdash, when it was in existance. Now, Jews all over the world turn to face Jerusalem, and the site of the Beit Hamikdash, when the pray.  We also spoke about how, for a period of time, the Jewish people were not allowed to go to the Kotel, because it was governed by another country, and then, during the 67 war, the Jewish people got it back, and we are so happy!

Rimon Primary 5/23/14   


We are all busy learning songs and watching our wonderful birds from our bird feeder. We released our butterflies to the delight of all the children. The weather is wonderful so we are spending a good deal of time outside.


We learned about the shevatim in the desert and how they camped around the Mishkan. We learned all the doors of the tents faced away from eachother so the B'nai Israel would have privacy. The children looked at our real some scale Mishkan and we put the flags around the Mishkan just as it would be in the midbar.

Have a great Shabbat


Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ariel

Dvash Primary 5/23/14

The children are very excited because Yosef brought in some tadpoles. The tadpoles have now grown legs, and are well on the way to becoming frogs- it is so exciting to observe the tadpoles metamorphosize into a frog! 

Morah Farhana

Morah Jordon


We learned how Hashem counted the Jewish people by collecting a half-shekel from each person, and then counting the coins. He counted them because He loves them so much, just like we count our dolls or cars or baseball cards, when we love them.  

We also learned how each Shevet (tribe) had a specific place to camp, around the mishkan. Hashem let the people know when to travel, by having the cloud move, and the shofar sound a blast. Then the Jewish people would travel, in the same formation, and rest when the cloud stopped. 

We also learned that the Leviim were the people that were in charge of caring for the Mishkan.

Have a great Shabbat

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 5/16/14


The children are busy making their end of the year project which we hope you will all enjoy. They are all enjoying the weather although it has been very hot this week and very cool so no one knows how to dress anymore! We got new mulch for our playground which is wonderful. Be aware though that the mulch gets into sandals and is very annoying to the children. Velcro sneakers are the best shoes for them outside. We want to encourage independence and they can get them off and on and they are safe for the playground and the mulch usually stays out of them!  We have new balls so the children are having so much fun. If your child uses sunscreen just put  it on in the morning before school and it should last all day. The children don't usually wash their faces in school. The birds are coming to our bird feeder and we are so happy to see them.





We are learning about Lag B Omer. The children learned about Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and how he learned Torah in a cave for 13 years. We continue to count the Omer and are looking forward to Shavuot. We learned that we must be nice to eachother and say nice things about eachother.


Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ariel

Dvash Primary 5/16/14



We are learning about Lag B Omer. The children learned about Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and how he learned Torah even though the Romans did not want him to, because the Torah is so special. He stayed in a cave for 13 years, to hide from the Romans, and to learn the special Torah. We continue to count the Omer and are looking forward to Shavuot. We learned that we must be nice to eachother and say nice things about eachother. We also sang V'ahavta L're'echa, Lre'echa kamocha.Ze klal gadol baTorah. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, don't walk behind me I may not lead, just walk beside me and be my friend and together we will walk in the ways of Hashem. 

Rimon Primary 5/9/14

The weather has been so nice so we have spent a lot of time outdoors. The children are busy in our room. We set up a bird feeder and the children are anxiously awaiting customers. We have seen a few birds over the last couple of days. We also have some caterpillars and we are hoping to watch them turn into butterflies so that is also very exciting. Stay tuned for further developments.




We have been very carefully counting the Omer in English and in Hebrew. We also have been learning about why we are counting and how special it is that the Jewish people said yes to the Torah right away without even knowing what is in it. We discussed the ten commandments and what they meant. The children are very involved. 

On Yom Hatzmaut the children were so cute. They sang beautifully and marched up to the stage like real pros.  They were very proud of themselves and very excited. Our kindergarteners are looking forward to moving ahead. We are so very proud of all of them.


Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ariel


We read a book about kids in all regions of Israel and we pretended to prepare to go and visit Israel as well- the children were so excited about their pretend trip!
The older children made their own Israeli passport, They wrote their name and birth date in Hebrew, and added their picture.
The younger children made their own suitcase and cut out pictures of items to put in those suitcases, to travel to Israel.  We focused on hebrew vocabulary (Dubi, pajama and many more). The children drew and cut by themselves, or with the help of an older child.

Please come and see these projects hanging on the Israel bulletin board, opposite the office. 

Dvash Primary 5/2/14

The children have been very enthusiastic about practicing their songs for the graduation next week. Younger children in the class have been doing some new art activities. The older children have been discussing Alaska. There are many topics that we will cover in it, some vocabulary - Volcanoes, Strait, endangered, glaciers, and many more. We enjoyed discussing the geography of Alaska.

Rimon and Dvash Primary 4/11/14

We have had a very busy few weeks. We reviewed the story from the Torah about the Jews being in Mitzrayim, and suffering, and asking Hashem for help. We reviewed the 10 Makkot, (the 10 plagues), and most of the children can sing the song about them.  We learned the Ma Nishtana, and had pictures to accompany them, so that the children understand what they are asking. We also learned about the order of the seder, and then had a model seder. The children made Makkot books, with a page for each of the 10 Makkot, and they made pillows to lean on, for when they lean at the seder. They also have a Haggada, with a page for each of the steps of the Seder. Enjoy the Haggada- it is a "year book" of sorts, as it has a picture of each of the children in their class. 

Have a wonderful, Kosher Pesach!

Toddlers 4/11/14

The Toddler classes have been learning so much about Pesach. They have learned a little of the Ma Nishtana- and a lot about the story of the Jews being in Mitzrayim and having to work so hard and then how they left Mitzrayim. They sang and marched and acted out the story many times. They made 2 projects- a seder plate and a matza cover- (enjoy!). They also had a model seder, with grape juice and matza, and all kinds of things.

Have a wonderful, Kosher Pesach!

Rimon Primary 4/4/14


We are very busy waiting for Spring to come! First we think it is here and then it disappears. We did have one nice day to play outside. It is very wet and muddy so send the children with boots if you can so they don't ruin shoes. I enjoyed speaking with all the parents who were able to come to conferences. If you did not have time make sure to get in touch with us and we will make time. The children made fish to put on our hallway. We made our own "Splitting of the Sea" with fish and waves included.


We are going over the Pesach story again and working on Makkos books and other Pesach related projects. We will be going through the Haggadah so the children will really understand the process as much as they can. They really know the story and love to call the answers out.


Have a great Shabbos

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah  Ariel

Dvash Primary 4/4/14

We have been reviewing the Pesach story, of the Jews being in Mitzrayim. How they worked so hard, and then asked Hashem to help them. Then Hashem sent the 10 Makot, the 10 plagues, and after that,  the Jews left Mitzrayim, and  their dough turned into matzah. We have been creating Makkot books, and other projects.  We also have gone through the order of most of the Hagaddah, and have been practicing the Ma Nishtana, as well.   They really know the story and the Ma Nishtana!

Rimon and Dvash Primary 3/28/14

Rimon and Dvash Judaics

We have begun learning about Pesach in both classes. We are singing the Ma Nishtana, and the Order of the Seder, and learning about both in detail. We are reviewing the story of the Jews in Mitzrayim, and how they were redeemed. 


I enjoyed being in the class this week, as Sorah Rivkah needed to be out, Tuesday - Friday. As always, I enjoyed your children,  giving them lessons, and seeing their progress. Sorah Rivkah is looking forward to returning on Monday.

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 3/14/14



We have been enjoying this space of warm weather and have been running around outside! The children just love running and running after a long winter. The smaller children are doing some sewing cards and washing and red rods and numbers. The older ones are busy with letters and putting together some small words and our kindergarteners are writing sentences and reading and doing math. We are all busy!






We have been busy every day going over the Purim story. I think you could ask them just about anything and they would know.  We go over it from the beginning every day because there are so many parts to the story.

Ask them the name of the king.

The king's first wife

The bad guy

What month Haman wanted to kill the Jews

What the seal of the ring meant

How many languages Mordecai could speak

What did Haman want to put up

The name of the two men plotting to kill the king



Have a wonderful Purim and a Great Shabbos!!

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ariel

The Primary classes have both enjoyed learning more about the story of Purim! What a thrilling story! 

They have also both enjoyed going outside, as the weather has gotten a bit warmer.

Rimon Primary 2//28/14

We have had our first full week of school in a long time!  The children are happy to be back. The kindergartners are working on the life cycle of a tree. They are reading and writing sentences about seeds and trees. Other children are learning numbers and letters and others are buttoning and zipping! We are busy and very ready for Spring to come so we can get outside and play!.



 This week we started with the story of Purim. We take the story in parts because there are so many pieces to learn in the Purim story.

 Here are some questions for the Shabbat table:


1. Who was the King? Achashveros  

2. Who was the first queen?  Vashti

3. What did she grow? Pimples and a tail

4. Why did the king kill Vashti? Because she wouldn't obey him and come to his party

5. What did the king need? A new queen

6. Who was the great and holy man who lived in Shushan? Mordechai

7. What did he have? A niece named Esther who was very beautiful

8. Did Esther marry the King? Yes

9. What secret did Mordecai tell Esther? Don't tell  the King you are a Jew

10. What are the names of the two men at the gate?  Bigsan and Teresh

11 What were they planning to do? Kill the king

12 How many languages could Mordecai speak? 70

13.Mordecai understood what they were saying and told who? Esther

14. Where did the king write it down? In a big book


Have a great Shabbat

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ariel

Dvash Primary 2/28/14

This week the 3-year old children made sock puppets. We also talked about swordfish.  Words that came up in our discussion about swordfish with the kindergarteners were: migration, predator, prey, and conservation.  The class made a HUGE swordfish with mosaics.


We began to speak about the Purim story this week.

We spoke about King Achashveros, and how he became king of a very large land. He made a party for 6 months, and invited lots of people, and showed off how rich he was. Then he had a party for the people of Shushan. His wife Vashti also had a party for the ladies. Achashveros called Vashti to come to his party, and she refused, so he killed her. Then he was sad that he didn't have a wife, so he looked for a new wife. He looked at lots of ladies, and then he decided to marry Esther. Mordechai, her uncle, told her not to tell that she was Jewish. Then Mordechai used to walk in front of  the palace. One day he heard Bigtan and Teresh plotting to kill the king. He told Esther, who told Achashveros. Achashveros had them killed. Then he wrote in his special scroll, that Mordechai saved the king's life

More next week!

Toddler Classes

Gefen 2/28/14

This week the Gefen toddlers have become comfortable with new environment and routine. The children are working hard. The class has experienced and enjoyed all kinds of weather from snow and rain to wind and sun. We love our outside time. The children have enjoyed learning new songs and participating in tefiila. We enjoyed making soup and baking cookies this week. We have also started to share the story of Purim.

Morah Kate

Morah Marcia


  • Photos  (see below for explanation)
  • Pringles containers

Rimon Primary 2/14/14

We have had a great week. The kids are learning lots practical life. We have very clean tables and lots of polishing is being done. The older children are working hard practicing their reading and writing skills. We did manage to get out at the beginning of the week, but we are looking forward to the spring. Please remember to send in gloves and hats and warm coats because we do go outside.


Judaics Rimon and Dvash 2/14/2014

We reviewed our parsha from last week and continued this week.


Here are some parsha questions for the Primary class children of Dvash and Rimon:


Who does the service in the Mishkan?  The Kohain Gadol

What does he wear? Special clothes

What does he wash his feet with? A Kiyor

Why does he wash his feet and hands? Because he is doing holy work

Why did Hashem ask Moshe to count the Jewish people? Because they are so special to him

How did he tell Moshe to count the Jewish people? By collecting a half-shekel from each person, and then counting the half-shekels.

What was the Bnai Israel doing which made Moshe so angry? Worshipping the golden calf

What did Moshe do? He smashed the luchos

Did Hashem give Moshe another set? Yes Moshe prayed and Hashem forgave the Jewish people and Moshe went back up to Har Sinai and got the second set of luchos


We spoke about how Hashem loves the Jewish people so much, and that is why He asked Moshe to count them. But He asked Moshe to count them in a special way. Collect a half-shekel from each person, and then count the half-shekels, and then he will know how many people there are.

We also learned how the Cohanim would wash their hands and their feet before doing the service in the Mishkan, because the service and the Mishkan were so special.  Then we learned that Moshe was on Har Sinai for 40 days, and then the Jewish people miscounted, feared that Moshe was not returning, and therefore decided to make a Golden Calf.  When Moshe saw that, he smashed the luchot, to make sure the Jews knew how bad it was to make the golden calf.  Then Hashem forgave the Jewish people, and Moshe went back up to Har Sinai and go the second set of luchot.

Rimon Primary 2/7/14


We had a very nice week with our new assistant Moreh Ariel. The kids have really taken to him and his youthful energy makes him very popular. He is able to climb up the ropes in the multi purpose room which makes him very admirable. Morah Ofer is still very much a part of the school, as he is busy taking care of so many things in our new building. The children get to see him and give him hugs so it works great all the way around. The weather has been up and down so we went out for a bit at the very beginning of the week but we stayed inside with the ice and rain. We are so thankful for our new building, and the wonderful indoor facilities, when the weather is unpleasant.


Dvash Primary 2/7/14

The three year old children do a wonderful job making pizza for the whole class every Friday morning.The four year old's have been working with the movable alphabet, making their own words and stories.Every morning we put music on and the children practice walking on the line, which helps them  with control of their body, movement and balance.

It is wonderful to watch the children every day, showing empathy and consideration for each other.

Judaics Rimon and Dvash  

Last week we learned that Hashem had the Jewish people build the Mishkan in the desert so Hashem would have a place to dwell among the Jewish people. We learned that Moshe made the Menorah by throwing a piece of gold into the fire and out came the Menorah all made in one piece !We actually have a miniature Mishkan which the children built last year. This week talked about the Kohein Gadol. We spoke about how he wore special clothing and put them on in a special way when he was leading the service in the Mishkan.


Here are some questions for Shabbat

1. Who was in charge of lighting the menorah? (Cohen)

2. How many pieces of clothing did the Cohanim wear? Can you name any? (Ketonet- a long shirt, Michnasayim - pants, Migba'at- hat,  Avnet- a long belt)

3 How many pieces of clothing did the Cohen Gadol wear? Can you name any?(Ketonet- a long shirt, Michnasayim - pants, Mitznefet- hat,  Avnet- a long belt, Choshen- breatstplate with 12 shiny stones, aifod- the apron, mei'l- th robe, tzitz- the gold headpiece)

* The children saw felt representations of these. However, this is quite technical, so don't be surprised if they got a sense that the Cohanim and Cohen Gadol wore something special, but can't name them)

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Miriam

Dear Dvash and Rimon Parents

**Photos Needed!!
We have recently celebrated Tu B'Shevat, the new year of  the trees. In recognition of this holiday we would like to start a project with the children and we need your help.  We would like the children to make a family tree. We need pictures (not returnable) from home of siblings, parents, grandparents etc. The children will make a family tree and learn about their families in English and also in Ivrit.  We are very excited about this project. Please send in pictures in marked envelopes as soon as possible. The teachers need you to cut out the faces of the relatives before sending in the pictures, and to label them on the back, so we can help the child identify the people. If you have an older child, they might be able to do this for you. Again, the pictures are not returnable and we need them in a marked envelope and please cut them out. We hope the children will really enjoy finding out about their families in this creative way. Thank you

Looking forward to hearing from you!! 

** Please send in Pringles or Pringle style containers, for an upcoming project- thank you so much

Morah Sorah Rivkah
Morah Farhana

Please remember to send in Mitzvah Notes, often, and tsedaka, daily. Your children really love them both.

Rimon Primary 1/24/14

Dvash Primary 1/31/14

The 5 and 6 year old children have all been working hard in the afternoons, contributing to discussions, giving their opinions and expressing their thoughts in beautiful writing. The children are enjoying the new paint easel, and daily snack preparation.


Rimon Primary 1/24/14


Let it snow!! We had fun on Tuesday making lots and lots of snowflakes as it snowed away outside. The children really enjoyed learning how to make them. We then strung them up along the ceiling. At the same time some of the children were making almond trees with blossoms on them! We are enjoying the snow and enjoying being back to a regular schedule!





This weeks parsha is Mishpatim. We talked about how Hashem gave us the Torah with the Ten Commandments and He also gave us lots and lots of ways that we can get along with each other and do the right thing. We learned that we need to be good to other people and also we need to listen and obey Hashem because He loves us and wants us to do the right thing.


Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ofer

Dvash Primary 1/24/14

This weeks parsha is Mishpatim. We reviewed the story line of the past few parshiot, how the Jews came to Mitzrayim, and then had to work very hard... How Hashem sent the Makkot on the  Mitzrim, and then how the Jews left Mitzrayim, walked in the desert for 7 weeks, and then how Hasem gave them a very special present- the Torah. We talked about how Hashem gave us the Torah with the Ten Commandments and He also gave us lots and lots of ways that we can get along with each other and do the right thing. We learned that we need to be good to other people and also we need to listen and obey Hashem because He loves us and wants us to do the right thing. We spoke about how the children help each other in the classroom, and this is so special to Hashem.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 1/17/14

In honor of Tu B'Shevet we spent a lot of time talking about trees and seeds and plants. Last week we put lima beans in a cup to watch them grow. We then decorated clay pots and planted the seeds. We also made trees with Morah Sandra and drew trees and wrote about trees. On Thursday we had a Tu B'Shvat party with all the fruit. What a fun week!




This week is Parshas Yisro

We talked about the Bnai Israel getting the Torah on Har Sinai. Har Sinai didn't think he would get the Torah because he was so small but Hashem gave the Torah on him.  We sang the song 
Little Har Sinai


Here are some questions for Parsha


What Mountain did Hashem give the Torah on?  Har Sinai

What happened to the Jews when Hashem said "I am Hashem"  They fell down

What were some of the things Hashem told us?

Only worship Hashem

Don't worship idols

Be nice to parents

Don't steal

Don't be jealous

Don't say someone else did something if they didn't

Don't kill anyone

Have a great Shabbos!

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ofer

Dvash Primary 1/17/14

The three year olds had a  discussion on all the wonderful fruits that were brought in. We talked about how the various fruits felt, looked and smelled, and we counted them. We enjoyed eating them at our Tu'B'Shavat party. The kindergarten children practiced their writing by labeling the fruits.

The kindergarten class has been learning about the Continent of North America, and we discussed the country Panama. Terms that we went over were - island, isthmus, canal. If you have an opportunity to take you children to the C&O Canal, they will relate it to what they have learnt about the Panama Canal.
We also went on a walk about and collected interesting seeds for our nature display. Please continue to send seeds from home, to add to our collection.


 This week is Parshas Yisro

We talked about the Bnai Israel getting the Torah on Har Sinai. Har Sinai didn't think he would get the Torah because he was so small but Hashem gave the Torah on him.  We sang the song 
Little Har Sinai


Here are some questions for Parsha


What Mountain did Hashem give the Torah on?  Har Sinai.  

What did the mountain look like when Hashem gave the Torah on it?

What happened to the Jews on the day they received the Torah? (They all were healed from anything that was wrong with them.

What were some of the things Hashem told us?

Only worship Hashem

Don't worship idols

Be nice to parents

Don't steal

Don't be jealous

Don't say someone else did something if they didn't

Don't kill anyone

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 1/10/14

The children are really enjoying our new mulit-purpose room with this very cold weather.  The kindergarteners are working on a seed experiment to see what happens when a lima bean has (1) no water (2) slight water or (3) a large amount of water.  They are writing up their results in a booklet.  The younger children are "growing" their lima bean seeds in a wet paper towel to see what happens to them. We will publish our results when we get them!


We have caught up with our parshiot! This was a major undertaking, but we are now all set.

Here are some questions for Shabbat

1. How many makkot did Hashem send?  (10)

2. Name as many as you can. ( Blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, animals that died, boils, hail,  locusts, darkness, death of the first born)

3. Who helped Moshe (Aaron)

4. What did the dough for the bread turn into? (matzah)

5. What was the silly thing Pharoah did after the last plague? (he ran around in the night looking for Moshe)

6. When the people left Mitzrayim what protected them during the day? (a column of clouds).

7. What protected them at night? (a pillar of fire)

8. What happened when they reached the Yam Suf? Who was behind them? (Pharoah and his army)

9. Who walked into the sea? (Nachshon)

10. What happened? (it split)

11. What could they get from the water? (food)

12. Did the Mitzrim follow them? (yes)

13. What happened? (When they were in the middle of the water the sea closed up and killed the Mitzrim)

14. What did they eat in the midbar? (maan)

15. Why was it special? (it tasted like anything they wanted)

16. What happened when Moshe hit the rock? (it gushed water)

Dvash Primary 1/10/14

We have been talking about seeds, and growing beans in the classroom. The older children are also doing an experiment with growing beans. If you have any seeds at home, please send them to class so we can display them, and the children can see what different types of seeds look like.

Some children have been learning about the different countries in North America, others are practicing writing numbers. 
Some of the children made a diorama of Antarctica, complete with happy penguins, a river with fish, some people, snow and mountains.


If you like the question format, please see above

After the last plague, Paroh sent the Jews out of Mitzrayim. They walked in the desert for several days. They knew where to travel because Hashem made a cloud lead them in the daytime, and a pillar of fire lead them in the nighttime.  Paroh regretted letting the Jews go, and chased after the Jewish people.  The Jews had the Yam Suf in front of them, and the Mitzrim behind them. But Hashem told them to keep walking. Nachshon jumped into the river, and it split. The Jews walked between the walls of the river, on dry land. If they were hungry, they could get food from the walls of water. The Mitzrim followed them through the water, but then the water covered the Mitzrim, and they drowned. The Jews were so happy to be saved that they sang praises to Hashem. 
When they were very thirsty, Moshe was told by Hashem to throw a branch into the water, and the bitter water turned sweet and yummy. Then when the Jews were hungry, Hashem sent them maan to eat, which they gathered every day. They gathered one day's worth every day. But on Friday they gathered 2 batches, so they wouldn't have to gather on Shabbat. Datan and Aviram tried to trick everyone, to show that Moshe was wrong, so they spread out maan on Shabbat, but the birds came and ate the maan on Shabbat, so that everyone would still believe in Moshe, and how special Shabbat is.

Rimon Primary 12/20/13


We are having a great in school. The classroom is airy and sunny. The children have a place to work and move around. They love both the indoor and outdoor play area. It is wonderful being here!

We sent out a sign up sheet for Nibbles so please sign up and enjoy Nibbles company. It is really fun and a real benefit for the kids/



We have been catching up with all our Parshiot. We have now officially caught up.


Here are some questions


Who died at the end of Breishit? Yaakov

What unusual way did Yaakov bless Yosef's sons? He switched his hands and put his right hand on Ephraim instead of Menashe

What did Pharoah do at the beginning with the Jews? He first told them that they were working for him and then he made them into slaves

How many babies did the Jewish women have at one time? 6

What did Pharoah's advisors say was going to happen. A Jewish baby would be born and save the Jewish people

What did Pharoah do? He tried to kill all the Jewish baby boys

What did Yocheved do? She put baby Moshe in a basket and put him in the river

Who watched him? His sister Miriam

Who took him out of the water? Bas Pharoah

What happened to her arm? It grew very long so she could reach him

Who nursed him? His own mother Yocheved

Dvash Primary 12/20/13

We made a lot of muffin batter, and had tasty muffins for snack. Each child decorated their snack with icing.
We talked about the continent Antarctica - what it is like there, what lives there, and we talked about the explorer Captain Scott, and his amazing adventures there. We pretended that we were explorers travelling across the world to discover more about Antarctica!


We spoke about several parshiot this week, and now are caught up with the rest of the world...

We spoke about Yosef's dreams- he had a dream that his brothers' sheaves bowed down to him, and then he had another dream that the sun and moon and 11 stars bowed down to him. These dreams, plus the special coat that his father gave him, made his brothers jealous. The brothers threw him in a pit, and then he was taken out and sold to Mitzrayim. He worked for Potifar, for a while, and did a very good job. Then he was put in jail. Even there he did a good job. One day two of Paroh's workers were put in jail. The butler and the baker. After a while, they each had a dream, and Yosef was able to interpret them correctly. Two years later, Paroh had 2 dreams, and noone could interpret them. The butler told Paroh that Yosef could interpret dreams, so they took Yosef out of jail, and he did in fact, interpret Paroh's dreams correctly.  He became the 2nd in command, and prepared the country for the upcoming famine. Then we learned about the brothers coming, and how eventually Yosef revealed himself, and then the Jews moved to Mitzrayim. Well, that is a very condensed form of what we learned.

Finally, we got to this week's Parsha. 

We reviewed that the Torah is divided into 5 "books" or sections, and we are starting the second section, Shmot. In it, the Jews had to start working for Paroh as slaves. He then wanted to kill all the first born boys, because he heard that a Jewish boy would save the Jewish people.  Moshe was born, and hidden, and then put in a basket on the river. Paroh's daughter Batya found him, he stayed with his mother for 2 years, and then was brought up by Batya and  Paroh. He then had to run away from Mitzrayim, lived in Midyan for a while, and then saw the burning bush, where Hashem asked him to go back and lead the Jewish people out of Mitzrayim.  See how many details your child can fill in, to this outline (and if you like question form, please look above to the Rimon questions)

Shabbat Shalom


Dvash Primary 12/13/13

It is wonderful to have our Shabbat parties in the new classroom.  The children start the day by making pizza, snack and preparing for the Shabbat party so we do a lot of food preparation on Fridays.  Yesterday the children who had appropriate warm clothes went to play in the snow.  The four year olds have been practicing gathering blocks for decimal numbers. (10 ,100, 1000), and patterns on the chalkboard.  We are looking forward to learning more next week!

Rimon Primary 12/6/13

As you would expect this week has been one of transition and learning for everyone. Our children and staff are getting used to our beautiful big and airy classroom. We are all enjoying having the space and quiet of only one classroom of children. I think the children are adjusting beautifully. There are some worries with the bathroom which is right in our room and has an adjusted toilet seat.  If your child seems worried about the bathroom please let me know. That is not unusual for the little ones. The kids are really enjoying our wonderful playground and also all the different rooms indoors which offer alternate play on cold and rainy days. We are all happy to be settled in.





We have been finishing with a review of the Chanukah story and we are trying to catch up with the Parsha. The parshiot at this time are so important in terms of having basic information about our Patriarchs- our Avot and Immahot. We are going through them and highlighting what we can in order to catch up. We will have a better idea and list of questions for you next week.

Have a great Shabbat!

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Morah Ofer

Dvash Primary 11/22/13


We have been learning about Chanuka over the last few weeks, and now are catching up with the Parsha. We reviewed a little of the timeline of history- We reviewed that the Torah is very long, so we read parts of it each week, until we have completed the whole Torah- and it takes us a whole year to do so. The Torah story goes from the creation of the world, till Moshe takes the Jewish people into the desert, and then, after 40 years of being in the desert, he dies- and that is the end of the part of the history that is in the Torah. Then we mentioned that the Jews built the special Bait Hamikdash, and then it was destroyed, and then rebuilt, and that is when the Chanukah story happened. I am sure that this was too much for the younger ones to fully grasp, but gave a context for the older children. Then we spoke about Parshat Vayishlach. This Parsha talks about Yaakov bringing his family back to Israel. He prepares to meet his brother Esav who is still mad at him. So he prepares by praying, by giving gifts, and, if all else fails, by using force. Fortunately, receiving the gifts makes Esav not angry anymore- they hug, and make up. But they also agree to go their separate ways, for the future.  Hopefully we will catch up with the current weeks' parsha next week- but the parshiot that we missed are so important in terms of having basic information about our Patriarchs, that we need to learn them, and not skip them.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 11/22/13

This week Morah Sorah Rivka was out, so I had a chance to be with your children. We had lots of fun doing work and lessons, reading, writing, counting, polishing and building, 

Today we spoke about the process of the move, how people will be putting all the work from the shelves into boxes, and how strong men will bring all the boxes and all the shelves into their truck, and then drive it over to the new school. When they come back from Thanksgiving weekend, they will see all the shelves, and all the materials from their classroom, but in a different room.

Morah Miriam and Moreh Ofer

We have been very busy this week, practicing for our Chanukah performance next Tuesday (Please read the Directors Desk for specifics about the Performance). We have been working very hard at learning the songs, and the movements that go with those songs. We also finished the Chanuka story.The Greek army was very powerful, and fought with swords and shields, and with elephants. Nevertheless, the Jews prayed to Hashem for help, and then fought against the Greeks- and won! What a miracle. Then the Jews went back to the Bait Hamikdash, and cleaned it all up, and made a new menorah. When all was ready, they wanted to rekindle the menorah, but couldn't find any oil. Finally they found a jar of oil, enough for 1 day, but - a second miracle- the oil lasted for 8 days, long enough to get a new supply of oil. And that is why we light our menorah, for 8 nights.

Morah Miriam

Dvash Primary 11/22/13

This was an extremely busy week in the classroom.  The children had a lot of energy and enthusiasm to do activities. Our beginner writers are practicing patterns on the large chalk board while the older children continue to write words on paper.  There is also a lot of interest in the water activities which sometimes results in water spills The children know how to mop up, and then hang up their wet cloths to dry.  

Also, our library books generate conversation and strengthen friendships.

Rimon Primary 11/15/13

This week we made some art projects for our new school, and we are going to put them up in our new classroom. We have a new friend whose name is Ben. He is learning all about our classroom from his new friends.  We played outside and it was fun and very cold. Remember to keep sending in warm clothes for outside play. Also we collect tzedaka every day.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sorah Rivka and Moreh Ofer


We started talking about Chanuka, so here are our questions:

What was the name of the mean king? Antiochus

What did he want the Jewish people to do? Bow down to their idols 

What did the Syrian Greeks do to the Beit Hamikdash? They smashed it.

Dvash Primary 11/15/13

We wish a mazal tov to Omri, who has a new baby brother! His name is Ma'ayan.


We started talking about Chanukah this week.

We spoke about how the Jewish people lived in Eretz Yisrael, and had a very special building, called the Beit Hamikdash.  Then the Greeks and Syrians came. They wanted all the Jews to bow down to their idols. They did not want them to keep Shabbat, and do the mitzvah of brit mila, or Rosh Chodesh, because they did not want the Jewish people to act Jewish. Then the Greeks bashed the Beit Hamikdash, and brought pigs and idols into the Beit Hamikdash. After a while, the Jews went to the caves, to hide. They would learn Torah, but if a Greek soldier came, they would quickly hide their books, and pretend they were only playing dreidel. We will finish the story next week.

We also spoke about how soldiers and armies in the picture, and in life, are only for adults. Children are safe with the adults around them, and do not need soldiers and armies.

Rimon Primary 11/8/13 

We have been enjoying having all of our visitors this week. It is fun to see how the children get so excited to see other parents. Some of them like to stay and chat and that is also fun to watch. We are getting more excited about our move. Our classroom is going to be amazing. We need to make it nice and cozy and Montessori like so anyone who has any spare rugs or floor lamps or small tables or children's rockers to donate we are definitely looking for them. We are also really enjoying Nibbles. Every morning I take him out of the cage and the children can pet him. He is very gentle and the children are also very gentle with him.





Here are some parsha questions


What did Yaakov dream? That a ladder was going up to the heavens (this is theme of the Parsha project your child brought home)

Who went up and down the ladder? The melachim

What unusual thing did the stones do?  They all wanted to be under Yaakov's head so they made themselves into one stone

What did Yaakov move off the well? A very heavy stone

Who was Rochel's father? Lavan

Who did Yaakov want to marry? Rochel

Who did he end up marrying ? Leah

How many more years did he have to work to marry Rochel? 7

Dvash Primary 11/8/13

The younger children have been practicing tracing the letters of the alphabet and numbers.  Everyone has enjoyed playing with our Chanukah props.  We talked about the new classroom that we will be moving to, and how it is bigger with lots of windows.


Last week we learned that Esav was angry with Yaakov, so Yaakov ran away. On his way he gathered some stones around himself, and then went to sleep.  He dreamed that there were melachim going up and down a ladder. So he knew that the melachim were protecting him and keeping him safe. Then Yaakov continued on, and went to Charan. He stopped at the well (we spoke about each town needing a well, because they didn't have a water system bringing water to each home). Yaakov met Rachel, and then lifted the very heavy stone off the well, so she could give water to her sheep. Then his uncle Lavan invited him to stay with them, and then to work for him. He worked for him for 7 years, in exchange for marrying Rachel. But Lavan switched the two girls, and he ended up marrying her older sister Leah. Then Yaakov was also allowed to marry Rachel, in exchange for working for another 7 years. He also married their maidservants, Bilhah and Zilpa, and altogether had 11 boys, and 1 girl- the final boy, Binyomin, will be born in next weeks' parsha. 

If you would like questions on the parsha, please see Rimon's questions!

Morah Miriam

Gefen 11/8/13

The Toddlers have been busy this week learning about Chanukah. We have been practicing saying the brachot on the candles and singing the songs.Ner Li, Sivivon Sov Sov, and How Many Candles are some of the songs we have been singing at circle time.
The Toddlers have also been doing a lot of practical life work like washing tables,squeezing oranges and setting the snack table.
We have also been busy doing art projects to decorate the class room for the Chanukah party.

Shabbot Shalom

Morah Sharmaleen Morah Marcia & Morah Efi

Rimon Primary 11/1/13

This week was very exciting as we got a new member of our classroom. Welcome to Nibbles our new very cute guinea pig. The kids are endlessly fascinated by him and he seems pretty interested in them! We need all the parents to step up and take a turn having Nibbles come to their house. He is easy to care for and a nice way to have a temporary pet without the commitment!! We will be sending a sign up sheet around soon.



We continue to learn about our Avos and Imahos. This is the history of the Jewish people and we talk about how this is the children's history. So we go over who the main people are in the Torah at this time.


Here are some questions  you can ask

Who got married? Yitzchak and Rivka

What was Rivka expecting? Twins

What happened while she was expecting? When she went by a bad place the babies stirred and when she went by a shul the babies stirred

What did she find out? That one twin would be a rasha and one a tzaddik

What were the twins name? Eisav and Yaakov

Why was Yaakov named this? Because he held onto Eisav's heel because he knew he was supposed to be the one to receive the blessing

What did Rivka tell Yaakov to do? Where a goat skin on his arm, and pretend to be Eisav and bring Yitzchak food

Why wouldn't Yitzchak know it was Yaakov? Yitzchak was blind

What did Eisav do when he found out he didn't get the blessing? He got very angry and said  he would kill Yaakov

What did Yaakov do ? He ran away to Charan

Good Shabbos

Morah Sorah Rivkah

Dvash Primary 11/1/13

The children enjoyed measuring and mixing ingredients for muffins, and then they had the muffins for snack. 

The four-year old children went for a Fall walkabout.  They experienced the sounds and smells and sights of Fall.  We talked about the colors around us and looked for squirrels. (But we did not see any).

We have new new glasses and real plates (not disposable) for snack.  The children have taken responsibility for washing them for the next day.

They clean up their lunch tables wonderfully.Cleaning up after a meal is something they can help with at home.  If you send a melamine/plastic plate in their bag, they can eat their packed lunch off a real plate instead of from a container.

At outdoor time they all play with each other, regardless of age.

Dvash Judaics

Yitzchak and Rivka got married, and wanted to have children, but for a long time they couldn't have children. So they prayed to Hashem, and then Rivka had twins.  One was very hairy and red, (Esav) and one was was smooth. (Yaakov). Esav loved to hunt, and to be mean, and Yaakov was nice, and loved to do mitzvot.  One day Yaakov was cooking soup, and Esav wanted it, so he sold his right to the privilege of being a first born, for the pot of soup.  Then Yitzchak told Esav to bring him food, and then he would give Esav a blessing. Instead, Rivka told Yaakov to wear  a goat skin on his arm, pretending to be Esav, and bring Yitzchak food. He did. YItzchak was blind and so he felt Yaakov, and thought he was Esav.  Then Yitzchak gave Yaakov the blessing. When Esav found out he was very angry, so Yaakov ran away to Charan.

Rimon Primary 10/25/13

We had a great week in school. We  did maps and cloth washing and reading and dish washing and we have been singing songs and making good friends. The classroom is really coming together with all the children finding their places. Please remember that it is getting cold outside and we do play outside even in the cold. Please send coats and gloves and mittens and hats and please mark them with their names.

Questions for parsha (Chayai Sarah)

1 Who is the man who saw Hashem in the world ? Avraham
2 Who was his wife? Sorah
3 Where was his wife buried? The cave of Hamachpeilah
4 Who did  Avraham buy the cave from? Efron
5 Who was his servant?Eliezer
6 What did Avraham send Eliezer to do? Find a wife for Yitzchak
7 What did she have to be? Kind
8 How did Eliezer know that Rivkah was kind? She watered all his camels
9 Who was Rivkah's father? Betuel
10 What did Betuel try to do? Poison Eliezer
11 What happened? A malach switched the food and Betuel was poisoned

Dvash Primary 10/25/13

We captured a stink bug and a brown hairy caterpillar which we have kept in the bug house. One child observed that the two are friends.  
We talked about the sky, and what we see in the sky in the day. Some children did a drawing about the sky.  We also talked about how artifacts were dsicovered in Egypt, and the various people who helped in the journey from Egypt to a museum in the United States.

Parsha: (Chayei Sarah)
We had a wonderful time learning Parsha this week. We learned that 
  • Avraham and Sarah had a son called Yitchak, who grew up.
  • Sarah died when she was 127 years old.
  • Avraham buried her in a cave call the Maarat Hamachpeilah
  • Then Avraham asked his servant to find a wife for Avraham's son Yitzchak
  • Eliezer took 10 camels, and went to Charan
  • He prayed to Hashem to help him find a very kind lady to marry Yitchak
  • Just then Rivkah came. 
  • She gave both Eliezer and the camels, water
  • Camels drink a lot of water- that's why they can walk through the desert and not need a drink
  • Rivkah's father and brother agreed to let Rivkah go back to Yitchak to marry him.
  • (and lots more details- see what your child remembers!)

Gefen Toddler 10/25/13

Circle time is an important part of the morning routine in the toddler class. This short 10 to sometimes 15 minutes of the mornings is the time so much information is absorbed by the toddlers.We sing songs we read a story and we also do the rituals of the prayers.The singing and the reading aloud plays an important part in the development of the toddlers language skills.When we sing songs like "If your happy and you know it clap your hands" or Old McDonald had a farm,we are not only learning the songs but at the same time we are opening up the toddlers' minds indirectly to learn about sequences. Sequence is a form of order and order is an important part in every day life.

Reading aloud helps the toddlers' language development and effective read aloud supports this development. Reading books that play with sounds is an important part in helping the toddlers to be aware of the different units of sounds in speech.

So this is to all the toddler parents,spend some read aloud time with your little ones and see how much you all enjoy it.

Shabbat Shalom 

Morah Sharmaleen Morah Marcia & Morah Efi

Rimon Primary 10/18/13

The children are working hard,  doing lots of lessons with water. The older children have also been reading and doing number chains. The children are getting more and more comfortable with  each other and are forming nice friendships. We also are enjoying our music with Morah Christine and our Ivrit lessons with Morah Sandra. It is very exciting to see the children learning!

Rimon Judaics

Here are some questions you can ask your children

Who did Hashem make a special relationship with? Avraham

What did Avraham have? a Bris

Why did Hashem make the day hot? He didn't want Avraham to have to have any guests

Who did Hashem send when He saw Avraham was sad because he had no guests? 3 melachim angels

What did the melachim tell Avraham? Sorah would have a child

Who lived in S'dom? Lot

Were the people nice? No they hated guests

What did Hashem do to S'dom ? He destroyed it

Who was saved? Lot

What happened to Lot's wife and why? She turned into a pillar of salt because she turned around to look when Hashem told her not to watch S'dom being destroyed

The project we brought home is a class list with phone numbers. This is so that the children can do "hachnasat orchim"- inviting friends, or "bikkur cholim"- helping the sick, by calling a sick friend and wishing them "refuah shelaima" - I hope you feel better.

This project is because Avraham didn't feel good after his brit milah, and because he loved to have guests.

Dvash Primary 10/18/13

Dvash Judaics

We learned how much Avraham loved to have guests. He had a special tent that had 4 doors, so that he could always see people walking by, no matter from which direction they were coming.  When he wasn't feeling well, from having his brit mila, Hashem made the day be very hot, so noone would walk by. But that made Avraham sad, because he loved to have guests. So, Hashem sent 3 melachim (Hashem's messengers), to visit Avraham. He gave them delicious food.

Later, 2 of the melachim came to Lot, who lived in the city of Sdom. The people in Sdom were very bad and very mean to each other, even the grown-ups. So, Hashem needed to destroy the city. But first the melachim saved Lot and his daughters. Lot's wife left also, but then she turned around to look when Hashem told her not to, so she turned into a pillar of salt.

Please see Rimon questions if you like a question-answer format

The project we brought home is a class list with phone numbers. This is so that the children can do "hachnasat orchim"- inviting friends, or "bikkur cholim"- helping the sick, by calling a sick friend and wishing them "refuah shelaima" - I hope you feel better.

This project is because Avraham didn't feel good after his brit milah, and because he loved to have guests.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Miriam

Gefen Toddler 10/18/13

The Toddlers have settled in very well into the school routine and are doing well coming to school in the mornings.
They are learning to recognize their individual cubbies and enjoy hanging up their jackets and lunch boxes. For those who have not sent in a picture please do so as soon as possible. For it is the picture that helps them identify the cubbies and they also ask the adults  the names of their friends by pointing at the pictures.
 The Toddlers are very busy in the mornings doing all kinds of practical life exercises and also painting, flower arranging and doing puzzles.

 The Toddlers had a good week and hope to continue doing lots of work in the coming weeks.

Shabbat Shalom

Morah Sharmaleen Morah Marcia & Morah Efi

Rimon Primary 10/11/13

Morah Sorah Rivka had to take a few days off, so Miriam Singer had a wonderful time in the classroom with your children. The younger children had lots of lessons on practical life (dish washing, table washing, folding) and sensorial work (the pink tower and the brown stairs were a big hit). The older children worked on reading, and math, and all the other things they know how to do. One child discovered she could put letter sounds together to make a word. The look on a child's face when they discover they can read a word is so very special! 

They also heard a story and read a book in Hebrew, about rain, on our rainy Thursday, with Morah Sandra. Then she also sang and read to us about Shabbat, on Friday.

We had fun baking star-shaped cookies cookies this week- even though they didn't taste very good. (See the Judaics section to see why we made them star-shaped)

Rain boots are best for wet weather play, as the playgournd get very wet and mudddy.

The children are all looking forward to having Morah Sorah Rivka back next week.

Morah Miriam and Moreh Ofer

Dvash Primary 10/11/13

A few days ago we caught a large insect and kept it in a bug house to observe.  The children spent a lot of time looking at it and talking about it. Some children wanted it to be next to them while they had lunch.  When noone was looking, the insect crawled out of the bug house and ran away! We found it hiding under the shelves. 

 The children enjoyed mixing cookie dough and later cutting star-shaped cookies for snack.  See the  Judaics section to see why we made them star-shaped.

Rain boots are best for wet weather play, as the playgournd get very wet and mudddy.

Rimon and Dvash Judaics 10/4/13

We learned that Avram discovered the existence of Hashem, while everyone else was praying to idols. We learned the story about how Avram broke all the idols in his father's idol store, except for the largest. When his father Terach returned and asked what happened, Avram said they got in a fight and the largest won. Terach said they are only made of stone, that can't be. Avram then responded, "then how can you pray to them, if they can't even move). We also learned that Avram later moved to the land that is now Eretz Yisrael. Later he was promised by Hashem that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky, and the sand on the beach. This last piece is the basis of the art project that your child made.

Morah Miriam

Rimon Primary 10/4/13

We are starting back with lots of lessons and lots of fun. The children are happy to be back and we are looking forward to having a nice routine. The weather has been just beautiful so we have spent a lot of time outside in the afternoons. The children are flourishing and our new children are learning the Montessori way and enjoying being part of a community.

Dvash Primary 10/4/13

Even though the first few weeks of school were short weeks, the children are clearly comfortable with their classroom and activities and friends. They interact with each other as if they have all been together and know each other a long time. 

How do children make new friends? A 5 year old child was standing next to a 3 year old child in line to go outside. They smiled at each other. 

The 5 year old said "Do you like me?"
The 3 year old made a big jump, and brought his hands up like a jumping jack and said "Whooosh!"
The 5 year old said " I can also jump high, so she jumped, and he jumped again,to see how high they could jump,
and they were friends.

We are collecting fabric scraps for sewing projects,if you have any at home please send them to school.

Rimon and Dvash Judaics 10/4/13

e are learning about both Parshas Breishis and Parshas Noach this week. The children did a packet on the seven days of creation which they enjoyed. We learned a song Yom Rishon avodah all the way until Yom Shabbat Menucha which they enjoyed singing. We also learned about the mabul (flood) which Hashem sent and about all the different animals who came on the teiva


Here are some questions the children may know


What did Hashem do on the 7th day of creation  He rested

What was the first thing Hashem created Light

What were the names of the people Hashem created  Adam and Chava

What did they do wrong   Ate from the tree Hashem not to eat from

What happened  They had to leave Gan Eden

Who told them to eat from the tree  The snake


Who built the ark  Noach

How many animals came?  2 non kosher animals and 7 kosher animals

How many days did it rain  40 days and nights

What kind of bird did Noach send to look for land?  a dove

What sign did Hashem send that He would never send another flood  a rainbow


Shabbat Shalom

Primary Classes

Next week we will be learning about Noach and the flood.

So, it is the perfect opportunity for us to have our own “flood”. It will be on

October  2nd    

Please send a raincoat, hat and boots.


Morah Sorah Rivka and Morah Farhana


Rimon and Dvash Judaic 9/24/13
We have enjoyed the Sukkot week. We made edible sukkot, and sang and danced in the Sukkah.
We also learned about the holiday of Sukkot, building a sukkah, and the lulav and etrog. 

Here is a song we sing with the children:

(To the tune of I have a little dreidel)
I built myself a sukkah
With four walls and a door
It doesn't have a ceiling
It doesn't have a floor
The schach will be the ceiling
The floor will be the ground
We'll hang some decorations
It's ready now for sure

Oh lulav and an etrog
We shake you up and down
Oh lulav and an etrog
We shake you all around

Dvash Primary 9/12/13
The children are familiar with their morning class routine and are happily exploring the activities on the shelves. Every morning in Tefilah we ask if anyone has money for the tzedakah jar. If your child brings coins to school they can make a contribution.  It is important that your child tries to eat a good breakfast before school so that they begin their day comfortably.  If you have any messages/notes for the teacher, please hand them to the assistant at drop off (do not keep it in their backpack) or email them to .

Gmar Chatima Tova
Morah Farhana and Moreh Jordan

Rimon Primary 9/12/13
We had a very busy week this week. All our children are here and we all enjoyed everyone's company and getting to know each other.  We started lots of lessons and I will be giving as many as I can. It's nice that all the children want lessons so badly.  They are a great group of kids and I think there'll be lots of nice friendships within our class.

Gmar Chatima Tova
Morah Sorah Rivkah and Moreh Ofer

Rimon and Dvash Judaic 
We got ready for Yom Kippur this week. We learned how important it is to say sorry. Morah Sorah Rivkah pretended to be mean to Shmuel, and Morah Miriam pretended to be mean to Morah Farhana. Then we spoke about saying sorry, and no longer doing the mistake. We also talked about all the good things we can do- listen to our Mommy and Daddy when they ask us to clean our toys or go to bed, share our toys, etc...
We learned that the grown-ups don't eat or drink on Yom Kippur, and that we don't wear leather shoes. We go to the synagogue, and pray.
May you all have a good, healthy and successful year.
Morah Sorah Rivkah and Morah Miriam

Back to School Night Recap
It was great seeing so many of you at the Back to School night, and the Meet and Greet.
Below is a summary of our Back to School Night meeting: 

Communication with our school - We mainly communicate via emails. If you have not received an email from Ellie Lichtash , or info, please contact me to add you to the e-mail list. is checked each day even if Ellie is out of the office, by other office staff: Janel and Miriam.

Most important communication line or Extension 20.
  • leave a message for your child's teacher. 
  • check inclement weather and the emergency line. 
  • Please do not leave messages on the Directors’ line if they are for the teachers (such as: your child is late, he forgot lunch, you wanted to check if you need to bring diapers, etc. 

To communicate with the teachers, use
  • the Notes page at the end of the Parents Handbook, 
  • email or 
  • leave a message on Extension 20. 
Again, Check the Parents Page/Director’s Desk each week. It has very important school information and updates.


Introducing – Miriam Singer, our Level Educational Director, and new staff member Rachel Sharon (Replacing Orit Hertz).
Our 3 classrooms are named after the 7 species of Israel: Rimon (Pomegranate), Dvash (Honey) and Gefen (Vine). Each class has a Montessori teacher and support staff members. 
  • Farhana is the teacher for Dvash (Primary Class Ages 3-6) Support staff – Jordon; Judaic topics for Morah Farhana’s class will be taught by Miriam Singer. 
  • Sorah Rivka is the teacher for Rimon (Primary class Ages 3-6); Support staff – Ofer; 
  • Sharmaleen is the teacher for Gefen (Toddler Class, Ages 18 month – 3) Support Staff – Efi and Marcia. 
The Hebrew teachers are Sandra Katz and Rachel Sharon.
Office staff includes: Janel Herman, Business Manger (on all questions of payments, contracts and so forth), and Ellie Lichtash, Head of School. We are looking to hire PT Office Associate

Vision: we shared our vision of expanding the school and hoping to find a new location for the year 2013. We might even find the new location midyear, as we are actively looking for facilities. (2 mile radius from current location).

PTO- the PTO helps our school run special activities, and is also a great opportunity to meet other parents- Please join and become an active member. Please sign up for 2 activities, and return the Volunteer page to us on the first day of school.

Updated Calendar is on the web. Use Yellow copy from the office (replace the blue copy).

Educational Night – Oct 16, 30 and December (TBA) Guest Speaker Peter Davidson. Come find out why you chose Montessori.

Extra Curricular Activities - at additional cost:
  • Soccer: children 3 and up can join a Soccer session on Thursdays at 3:30, at the Elementary Facility. Registration online will be available soon.
  • Dance Studio on Roseland Drive, walking distance from the school. Monday at 3:30. 
Apple Picking Tuesday 9/11 at 4:00 p.m. at Butler's Orchard. 


Arrival – importance of arriving on time. We ask you to drop your child between 8:30 - 8:45 a.m., we enforce locked door policy at 8:45 a.m., because of interruption to the Rimon Class. If you arrive after 8:45 a.m., please use the upper level door. Coming on time helps your child settle in smoothly.

– Please note: in order to accommodate the number of cars on the driveway, parents have 2 options –
  • Kiss and Ride Carpool Line. If you choose Kiss and Ride, please do not get out of your car. 
  • Park your Car and say Goodbye at the Door. If you need to take your time, please park your car. Morning time and dismissal are the busiest time for the teachers. Please try to avoid those times to have conversations with them. Parents are asked not to enter the classroom in the morning – but say Goodbye at the Door. This way your child is leaving you, rather than you leaving them. 
Late Dismissal Option – 5:00 p.m. (not on Fridays) – And Early Drop Off – starting at 7:30 a.m. Please let us know if you are interested. The cost for the year is on our tuition schedule. You can drop off per day as well.

Visiting our class:
Parents are invited to visit our classroom: Come and observe our classroom after the first Month – Please call to schedule time – (Beginning in November.)

Coffee with the Director, the first Thursday of the month. Please check the website.

  • We will be giving out report cards at Parent Teacher conferences.
  • Make sure to pick up a School Shirt for your child and for yourself (used on Field trips and school activities.
  • Annual Giving- we encourage 100% participation in parent contributions to our school- any amount counts!.
  • Please notify your teacher: If a parent is travelling or if there is a change in the house such as- Grandma is in town, someone close is going through a family crisis or procedure – please let us know. Your child’s emotions are dear to us, and every little change in the house affects her/him. 
  • High Holiday Services: Rabbi Buxbaum invites the school parents to join the Aish Community for the High Holidays services at the JCC of Greater Washington. Free Admission for Alef Bet Families. Check