School Policies & FAQ

Details of policy and procedures at Alef Bet Montessori can be found in our Parent Handbook. You can read and/or download a copy in the attachment below.

Q: What is the school’s TAX ID number?
A: For purposes of financial reports and tax exemption please note that as of February 2, 2007 our EIN number is 20-8512281. Full name of the school is Alef Bet Montessori School Inc. We are a nonprofit charitable organization.

Q: How can I find out about inclement weather or weather emergency updates?
A: We will e-mail the parent body with weather emergency updates.  Parents may also call 301-556-5010 ext. * to hear a recorded messages about emergency delays or closures.

Q: Can you remind me of School Weather Policy?
A: We are watching the weather very closely. We follow Montgomery County for the first day of a storm event. After the first day of a storm, we make our own decisions about closures and delays.  We will notify you about closures and delays via email and recorded message on the school’s weather-emergency line.  We will make our announcement as early as possible.

Q: How do I leave a message for my child’s teacher?
A: Please email for any non-emergency messages.  Please call 301-556-5010 for any time sensitive messages.

Q: What are the arrival and dismissal times for school?
A: please click here for arrival and dismissal time for school.