Elementary Program: 1st – 6th Grade

Alef Bet Montessori Elementary is the only AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) accredited elementary program in Maryland that provides Montessori-method instruction in both general and Jewish studies. The curricula includes Math, English, Science, Geography, Art and Music, along with Hebrew language, Chumash (Torah study), Mishna (Oral Law) and Tefila (prayer) in the hands-on, individualized, child-directed approach for which Montessori is known.

Elementary students work in depth on expansive projects that spark the imagination and engage the intellect.

Students learn through research. Our Montessori teacher steers students toward projects that foster critical thinking and the tools they will use throughout their future education.

Children at this age have an innate drive to understand the universe and their place in it. Their capacity to assimilate all aspects of culture is boundless. The classroom allows for learning in groups and as individuals.

Secular subjects in our Elementary program include Geography, Biology, History, Language, Mathematics (all branches), Science, Music and Art. Our school has added a full Jewish curriculum including study of Israel, Hebrew language, Chumash, Mishnah and Talmud. Studies are enriched through trips outside the classroom. Past outings include visits to a local library, a farm, local businesses, community centers, galleries and museums.

Montessori education develops a feeling of contentedness to humanity, and inspires each child’s natural desire to build positive relationships and contribute to the world.

Staff Members
Elementary Lead  Teacher – Rabbi Daniel Moses, AMI
Elementary Hebrew Coordinator – Mrs. Hadas BenYaacov
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Registration & Application Process
Our Elementary program accepts applications starting in November. Our enrollment forms are available online. Click under Admission for an  Application Form.   The Tuition Policy is also posted online. Click under Admission for Tuition. The cost of the program is posted on the web Tuition Page, as well as the Hours of Operation.