Judaic Studies & Hebrew עברית בעברית

Judaic Studies and Jewish Holidays

Our Judaic program is integrated through the entire learning experience.

IMG_2991Jewish tradition recognizes that every child comes to this world as a gift from G-d, as a unique individual.

Our curriculum helps each child find the joys and significance in Jewish tradition. Our program includes teaching the concepts and ethics of the Torah through stories, songs, art and drama. It exposes children to an atmosphere stressing middot tovot – good character traits – and emphasizing mitzvot – good deeds. Our curriculum includes review and discussion of Jewish holidays, Shabbat and practices as they relate to a young child. We emphasize our relationship with the State of Israel through celebrations such as Yom HaAtzma’ut – Israeli Independence Day. We introduce basic Tefillah – prayer – and blessings. Our teaching of Judaic studies is based on traditional sources.IMG_3783


Hebrew in Hebrew  עברית בעברית IMG_3792

We introduce Hebrew using the Montessori method: basic vocabulary, spoken language, numbers and colors, as well as common terminology. These classes provide a wonderful exposure to Hebrew. Our program is bilingual and our staff members speak and sing to the children in Hebrew and English. Our Hebrew curriculum is divided in three stages: spoken vocabulary, letter recognition, reading and writing. We teach Hebrew according to the child’s level at his/her own pace.